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Find the Perfect Holiday

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Types of Holiday Packages

Our 3 types of holiday packages are:

There are some holidays and destinations which anyone would want to experience in their standard touristy format. Aadya e-Travel’s popular holiday packages enable this for you by whipping up an enticing deal for you anytime of the year. All you need is some free dates in your schedule, and we will take care of the rest.  

Whether you are scouting for a family trip to bask in the sun, or pondering over a romantic retreat that lets you explore a new city or seeking out adventures in a gaggle of college students, we have just the deal for you. After all, who doesn’t love a bold, free spirited popular holiday package trip, that has been recommended by travel experts from all over the world, and comes packed with amenities, such as logistical ease, one-stop shop, one-time pay, kids-friendly and all-included trip! Such is the charm of beaches of Europe; icy streets of New York; beaches of Europe; and nightlife of Bangkok and Thailand, some of the most popular tourist places.

With our popular holiday packages, you need not worry about anything. We will book everything for you, Yes, you read it right, right from transfers, flights, accommodation, to travel insurance, we will take care of your travel needs and desires - from start to the end. What’s more enticing is that many of Aadya e-Travel’s popular holiday packages have little surprises like complimentary services and that little special touch in the resort, giving you indeed a wholesome package!

 Zara Hat Ke Holidays

Are you a seasoned traveler who no longer fits the bill of a regular tourist? Or are you the one who is looking for the path less trodden? For you, the real voyage of discovery lies in going to unexplored places, creating unique experiences and living the charm that others can only imagine…

Whether it is to fulfil your ultimate indulgence by watching Ferrari Tours in Italy or to live a month in the luxury beach-facing villa of Miami or craving to dip your taste buds in a range of wine tasting sessions in Italy or enjoy a self-drive holiday in Mauritius or to go to a place you haven’t even heard of, we can offer something unique for the adventurer for you. Come explore our Zara hat ke holiday theme holiday packages, and you could do all this and much more! This is the perfect place to look for holidays with a twist!

  Weekend Getaways

Looking to get out of the madness of the fast life of metro cities? There is no perfect break for you than a weekend getaway. Through our weekend getaway packages, we bring to you hidden jewels near your city where you can immerse yourself in pure luxury, pleasure and relaxation. Just a few hours away from the hustle bustle, we take you to a place where you can soak up the atmosphere, dip your feet in cold water, tranquil scenery to ogle at, and not to forget, local cuisine, natural beauty and cultural heritage to witness.

Our list of weekend hop-overs range from beautiful cities to historical sight-seeing avenues to virgin mountains and small yet self-sufficient villages. Kilometres away from one’s mechanical life, Aadya e-Travel’s list of weekend getaways for 1 N, 2 N and long weekends (3 N) provide you multiple options to chose from. Blessed with hills, valleys, seas, cool winds and waterfalls, our list of weekend escapades have the capability of turning the most jaded people into romantic souls.

Also preferred for outbound programs, training events, corporate events, group outings or fun family get-togethers, our packages are relished by people of all age groups and culture.

Packed with modern and luxurious amenities, our list of resort facilities are full of adventure activities, such as camping experience, jungle trekking, waterfalls and damns, sightseeing tours or overnight camp fires. A great way to refresh and renew one’s mind, body and spirit, Aadya e-travel’s weekend getaways helps in augmenting inner creativity and infusing vivacity and freshness.

So, come on board and choose from our exhaustive list of many idyllic locations to weave happy memories to last a lifetime! As they say - the time for a holiday is now and not a moment should be wasted. The rigmarole of daily life needs to be put on a back burner for the moment. Life’s calling you, it needs a break. Come and let us make this experience an exciting one with thrills and chills, and let’s do this together.